People of the Earth - Portraits

Acrylic paintings on canvas, canvas board and drawings. 

Inspiration have been old black and white photos from Inuit and Native Indian archives and from my own photos.


A serie of meditative figures in Raku technique and ceramic where the heads can move, and a serie of humorous small sculptures. Both series are made in all kind of nature materials from all over the world.

Landscapes and animals

Paintings with landscapes and animals on canvas, canvas board and watercolor paper.
One of the biggest impression in Greenland have, for me, been the silence. The serie Sound of silence where created after a dog sledge trip around Ilulissat. Far away, in the bottom of an icy fjord, while the dogs rested - I heard and felt like a sound of eternity…
The Nuuk series where painted outside in minus 15 ºC from the old colonial habor… very quickly.


A serie made in joy on canvas board with all kind of nature and scrap materials and acrylic paint.