Art education

1971-74 Art Academy, “Ecole supérieur des Beaux-Arts”, Luminy, Marseille, France
1974-79 Art and Craft school “Kunsthåndværkerskolen”, Copenhagen
1989-91 Artschool “Billedskolen på Jagtvej”, Copenhagen

Other educations

1996-99 and 2007 Art-therapy education from “Institut for kunstterapi”

Educator in art and creativity

2007-2011 Lectures at the Art School in Nuuk, Greenland
since 2006 Arranging courses in art and creativity in Greenland and the Faroe Islands
since 1999 Self-imployed
1986-2004 Lectures at Designschool Kolding, Denmark


1980 Received silver medal, “Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879”


2014 “Katuaq”, culturehouse in Nuuk, Greenland, solo exhibition
2012 Balle Sognegaard, 8600 Silkeborg, group exhibition
2011 Hornstrup Kursuscenter, 7100 Vejle, solo exhibition
2010 Tinghuset, ”Rundt om jorden”,8740 Brædstrup, group exhibition
2009 Levins Hus, 5600 Fåborg, group exhibition
2009 Tinghuset, ”Rundt om jorden”,8740 Brædstrup, group exhibition
2009 Galleri Experiment, 8600 Silkeborg, solo exhibition
2009 Danisco, 7200 Grindsted, solo exhibition
2009 Them Sognehus, 8653 Them, solo exhibition
2008 Ilulissat Kunstmuseum, Grønland, solo exhibition
2007 Institut for kunstterapi, Gadbjerg, solo exhibition
2006 Horsens Hospital, solo xhibition
2005 Kunst af alle, Silkeborg , juried exhibition
2004 Tørring Uldum kunstforening, juried exhibition
2004 Them rådhus, 8653 Them, solo exhibition
2002 Partaking with sculptures in “Jordens tid” by dancetheater Terpsichore
2002 Galleri Vrads, 8654 Bryrup, solo exhibition
1997 Themkunstnere i Gulbene, Letland, group exhibition
1979 Bellacentret, København, group exhibition

Art fairs

2004 Kunstmessen Odense